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Compare Macbeth to a Film Adaptation Essay William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth� the audience witness’s one man’s overriding ambitions to his iconic fall. Shakespeare makes a point of showing the deterioration of the Macbeth that entered the stage in Act 1 and the Macbeth that dies in act 7, showing that even the deep morality and honesty of a man like a man can worsen into a man who is willing to kill his own King – a deadly sin in Shakespeare’s 17th century. Throughout my piece I shall make unifying links between the adaptation directed by Mark Brozel and the original text wrote by none other than Shakespeare.For the period of Act 1, Scene 2, Macbeth is hailed as the very heroic and brave “Worthy gentleman!� who “carved out his passage Till he faced the slave;� this suggests two points already, the fact that Macbeth is a graceful fighter who elegantly “carved� his way through the battle which also suggests that he is as much a perfectionist in the play as he is a cook in the adaptation.

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